We can’t say enough good things about the Maryland Canine Community Center! Our dog Lilly absolutely loves it here and can’t wait to get in the door each time we take her. The staff members are very kind, professional, and genuinely care about all of the dogs well-being. We love seeing the report cards each time she visits, including pictures of her day. She comes home tired and happy (she’s a puppy with a lot of energy). Highly recommended!

- Jamie R.

Pippa loves attending daycare at Maryland Canine Community Center! On days she’s scheduled to go she’s excited from the time she gets up and comes home tired and satisfied. She loves seeing her friends among the other regulars as well as all of the staff. Additionally, getting her report card at the end of the day puts a smile on our faces. MCCC allows us to get Pippa the socialization she needs in addition to lots of exercise, we look forward to many more years of attendance.

- Camilo M.

We have really enjoyed sending our dogs to doggie daycare. They get so excited when we arrive at the facility. It has been a great way for them to expend some energy as well as play and socialize with other dogs. The staff is friendly and professional. We look forward to the great pictures and daily report cards they send us and tired happy pups! Overall it was been a great experience at MCCC!

- Sarah J.

You have found a GREAT daycare when your dogs wake up in the morning and know that it is daycare day! Benny and Bailey absolutely love going to daycare and seeing the staff and pups. Everyone is great to work with and my mind is at ease knowing my dogs are getting energy out while being socialized with other dogs in a well-controlled environment. I cannot say enough good things about the care my pups receive at Maryland Canine Community Center’s Daycare!

- Jessica B.

Atlas absolutely loves going to doggy daycare at MCCC. He whines excitedly in the car when he realizes we’re going to daycare. And he’s crazy with excitement as we walk in. I also love that MCCC sends a report card w/ pictures after we pick him up.

- Christy S.

I have been bringing Baylee for doggie day care since August. Let me say, it is her favorite place to go! Right when we pull in she get so excited! The staff is great! You can tell they have just as much fun as the dogs do! Best part about doggie day care is later in the evening when Baylee is fast asleep dreaming about her friends and day care!

- Stacey S.
Wilbur & Angel

My dogs enjoy MD Canine Center. They like interaction with other dogs and socializing just like us humans! Staff are friendly and courteous, they must love animals too!!  I really take pleasure in seeing pics of my dogs doing playtime having fun. This reassure me they had a good day. I’m thankful it is close to my home and my dogs get excited when they know they are going to go play! What an awesome place.

- Stacy R.

Duncan loves going to doggie daycare every week. He loves the staff and all of his doggie friends! All we have to say to him is “do you want to go to school?” and he runs to the door! We especially enjoy the report cards! The amusing summaries of his day, the list of friends he made/played with, and the pictures, oh my, they really show us how much he enjoys his time at daycare. He always has a smile on his face!

- Beth T.

We have really enjoyed sending Finn to doggie daycare. He gets so excited when we arrive at the facility. It has been a great way for him to expend some energy and play with other dogs. The staff is friendly and professional. We look forward to the great pictures and daily report cards they send us. Overall it was been a great experience at MCCC.

- Sarah & Tyler J.

Lena (my 1.5 yr old mix breed) loves the MCCC daycare services.  The people at MCCC obviously love her and enjoy playing with her and watching her play.  The comments I get from MCCC, as well as the pictures they send, don’t just let me know that they care, but also warm my heart knowing that my 4 legged family member is so happy. Moreover it’s great to get her home after daycare and have her quite tired out from all the fun she’s had.  I highly recommend MCCC daycare services ,without exception, and look forward to Lena going for the foreseeable future.

- Patrick T.
3 Lab Dogs

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